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High-bay warehouse – for high performance in logistics

Speed, efficiency and space optimisation: these are the three key aspects in warehouse logistics. Automated high-bay warehouses are at the forefront of logistical innovation in the warehouse sector. They are not only a symbol of modern warehouse management, but also a testament to technological advances in warehouse logistics.

Das Hochregallager: Effizienz in der Lagerlogistik

The high-bay warehouse: efficiency in warehouse logistics

High-bay warehouses (HBW), characterised by their impressive height and ability to make optimum use of the available storage space, are at the heart of modern logistics. With an efficient solution in a confined space, they offer – literally – high space utilisation and handling performance. These warehouses, which are integrated into modern ERP systems and warehouse management systems, seamlessly manage every element of the warehouse process. The automation of high-bay warehouses significantly optimises processes such as storage and retrieval, order picking and warehouse management. This is because automated systems provide more precise access to stored goods, reduce the picking error rate and improve the overall speed of warehouse processes. Our company already operates high-bay warehouses at all warehouse locations – with the aim of successively modernising these with automated warehouse systems. In addition, all new warehouses will be equipped with advanced automation technologies to further increase the efficiency, speed and accuracy of our warehouse services.

Hohe Umschlagleistung mittels Regalbediengeräten im automatischen Hochregallager

High handling capacity using storage and retrieval machines in automated high-bay warehouses

Automated high-bay warehouses are controlled with the help of modern warehouse technology, so-called storage and retrieval machines. A storage and retrieval machine (SRM) is an automated conveyor system that is specially designed for handling goods in high-bay warehouses. It travels along rails between the rows of racks and can be moved vertically and horizontally to store or remove goods at different heights and depths in the racks. Storage and retrieval machines are able to access specific storage locations quickly and precisely, making them an efficient tool for storing, retrieving and picking goods. They are generally used in automated warehouse environments to optimise warehouse processes and reduce the workload. If the warehouse is not an automated high-bay warehouse, pallets are usually removed from the racks or packed into the racks by forklift truck. Manual conveyor technology also has its advantages in some cases.

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Besondere Anforderung in der Lagerlogistik: Effiziente Kommissionierung

Customised storage solutions for customers

Depending on the type of goods, as well as requirements for capacity, storage and other factors, some of our customers require customised warehouses with individual storage systems to achieve the best possible material flow. That’s why we go beyond providing standard storage solutions. We understand that every customer has unique requirements. That’s why we offer customised storage concepts that are developed specifically to meet our customers’ needs. From planning to implementation, we are with our customers every step of the way to ensure that their customised warehouse project is successfully realised. We do not shy away from building a completely new warehouse or HBW, including a modern storage system from scratch.

  • Advantages of high-bay warehouses at a glance:
  • Optimum space utilisation
  • High handling capacity
  • Increased storage capacity
  • Simple stock control
  • Good scalability
  • Customised solutions
  • Option for automation

Systematic automation: the key to efficiency in high-bay warehouses

Automation plays a decisive role in increasing the efficiency of high-bay warehouses. Because one thing is certain: Automated high-bay warehouses, equipped with modern storage and retrieval machines and automatic material flow systems, minimise manual effort. The fully automated systems lead to more precise and faster handling of goods, which is particularly important in e-commerce. However, normal high-bay warehouses also offer numerous advantages and – depending on requirements – can even be the more efficient solution. Which storage system is ultimately suitable should be extensively examined and implemented by experts.

3PL: Third Party Logistics Provider
Specialists in advanced warehouse logistics

As one of the leading specialists in warehouse logistics, particularly in the field of high-bay warehouses, we are constantly working on modern warehouse solutions. With our own high-bay warehouses, we demonstrate our expertise in providing advanced, efficient and customer-orientated warehouses on a daily basis. Our expertise and commitment to innovation make us the ideal partner for all your warehousing needs.

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