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Efficient warehouse logistics: different types of forklift trucks in use

Forklifts and industrial trucks are extremely versatile machines and play a key role in warehouse logistics. But not all forklifts are the same. Therefore, in this article we would like to introduce the different types of forklift trucks and their areas of application in our logistics company.

Effiziente Logistik: Die Vielseitigkeit der verschiedenen Gabelstaplertypen

Efficient logistics: the versatility of different types of forklift trucks

In modern logistics, the efficient movement of goods and materials plays a decisive role. Forklifts are indispensable helpers that are used in various areas of logistics. Their main area of application is in warehouse logistics – because without forklift trucks, today’s high demands on the movement of goods could not be met. However, to achieve maximum efficiency in warehouse logistics, the right forklift trucks must be in use. Each type of forklift truck has its own specific characteristics and advantages that make it particularly suitable for certain tasks and areas of application. As a logistics service provider with a broad range of warehouse logistics, we also use different forklift trucks – for the benefit of our employees and, of course, our customers.

3PL: Third Party Logistics Provider

Reach truck: Efficient stacking in confined spaces

The reach truck is a true expert for use in warehouses with limited space. Its laterally extendable mast makes it possible to lift pallets into high racks and stack them one behind the other, even in narrow aisles. With impressive lift height and load capacity, a reach truck handles heavy loads and enables efficient use of vertical space. This makes this type of forklift perfect for use in warehouses and distribution centres with high racking systems – so-called high-bay warehouses

Gabelstapler mit Fassgreifer: Sicherer Transport von Gefahrgütern & mehr

Forklift trucks with drum gripper: Safe transport of hazardous goods & more

In certain industries, such as the chemical, oil, automotive or food industries, drums must be moved safely and precisely. Forklifts with drum grippers have been specially developed for this task. Thanks to the special gripping mechanism, they can safely lift and transport drums without damaging them or leaking hazardous substances. This makes the special forklift types not only indispensable for the safe transport and storage of drums, but also increases occupational safety in the warehouse. In addition, the forklift trucks with drum grippers are ideal for moving other round goods. For example, we have been successfully using the vehicles for years to transport large rolls of paper in our warehouse in Kuppenheim.

Elektrostapler Ameise: Wendig und umweltfreundlich in Innenbereichen

Electric forklift ant: Manoeuvrable and environmentally friendly in indoor areas

When it comes to use in indoor areas with very limited space, electric forklift trucks ants are the ideal machines. The compact and manoeuvrable forklifts are characterised by their high manoeuvrability. Their small turning circle, for example, enables its drivers to transport goods even in narrow aisles and areas – even with low ceilings. Unlike most types of forklift trucks, ants cannot stack the transported goods particularly high. They are primarily used for transporting and parking on the floor or near the floor. A plus point for the electric forklift ants: They are quiet and environmentally friendly due to their electric drive.

Gabelstapler: Vielseitiger Allrounder für jede Logistik

Forklift truck: Versatile all-rounder for every logistics operation

The classic forklift truck is the all-rounder in logistics. With different sizes and load capacities, it is suitable for a wide range of applications. Forklifts can safely lift and transport pallets as well as containers and very heavy loads. Their robust design allows them to be used indoors as well as outdoors, even on uneven terrain. For example, trucks can be loaded, unloaded or reloaded away from the handling area if necessary. They are an absolute standard in our warehouses – to ensure efficient warehouse logistics.

Schmalgabelstapler: Maximale Raumausnutzung in engen Gängen

Narrow forklift trucks: maximum space utilisation in narrow aisles

In warehouses and distribution centres with narrow areas, narrow forklift trucks are used in addition to ants. Their narrow forks and small turning radius enable them to manoeuvre with goods in narrow warehouse areas. In this way, narrow forklift trucks maximise the use of space and increase the efficiency of warehouse logistics. The manoeuvrable industrial trucks can be used for order picking as well as for storing and retrieving complete pallets. The special feature of narrow forklift trucks: they are operated completely from the driver’s cab, which rises upwards including the vehicle operator – for a better overview and precise arrangement of the goods in the high-bay warehouse.

Logistics 4.0: Our choice of forklift trucks for efficient warehouse processes

As an experienced service provider for warehouse logistics, we use the versatility of the different types of forklift trucks to efficiently organise the movement of goods in our warehouses. Depending on the requirements and goods on site, we use the above-mentioned industrial trucks in a targeted manner. With a total of 73 forklift trucks currently in use in 24 warehouses across Germany, we can respond flexibly to the individual requirements of our customers’ goods. And if necessary, we expand our fleet – individually adapted to the storage conditions of our customers. Combined with our automated warehouses, we guarantee a smooth process in our warehouses.

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