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Why a Lead Logistics Provider saves costs and creates added value

Amid growing competition and rapidly changing market conditions, more and more companies are turning to a logistics service provider to manage their entire supply chain, including their supply chain partners. This not only has advantages on the cost side, but also enables companies to find completely new solutions for their logistics. Processes are optimised and logistics services are customised down to the last detail. And there are other points why companies should rely on lead logistics providers.

Logistik mit Höchstgeschwindigkeit

Lead logistics providers help shape the transformation of supply chains

Logistics today is about much more than transporting goods. Companies must not only keep up with the regular changes in the market with their supply chains, but also help shape them: both in terms of technologies, such as the Internet of Things or Big Data, and the purchasing behaviour of their customers. Fast product delivery at low cost is just one of many customer requirements. However, cooperation with a large number of transport service providers and forwarders does not help in the long term. On the contrary: as a rule, this leads to increased operational and administrative effort. Because if customers distribute their transports among different service providers, different interfaces with high coordination and communication costs are common problems. Added to this are heterogeneous offer and price structures as well as high quality assurance costs.

Companies are successful with stable “harmonious” supply chains that serve as a common interface for different players in the chain and at the same time remain flexible. Designing and coordinating these is the role and equally the goal of lead logistics providers.

4PL: Fourth Party Logistics Provider

What is a Lead Logistics Provider?

A Lead Logistics Provider – LLP for short – is a logistics service provider that combines its own assets, capacities and technologies with those of other providers to design and manage complex supply chains. In doing so, it ensures a high degree of flexibility and constantly takes care of the optimisation of logistics processes. For the dynamic composition of resources, an LLP always acts on the basis of comprehensive expertise and keeps an eye on the costs incurred. From procurement to distribution, from planning to quality control, an LLP coordinates and manages the entire logistics process so that companies can better concentrate on their core business and their customers.

Advantages of a Lead Logistics Provider at a glance

  • A partner who bundles all logistics processes in the best possible way
  • Cost-efficient use of resources
  • Secure, transparent control of the entire logistics
  • Supply chain management with industry-specific solutions
  • Individual value added services beyond the standard process chain

Costs under control: supply chain orchestration by a logistics company

Of course, transport companies (first party, second party, third party or fourth party logistics) can independently select a number of partners for their supply chain. However, this interaction involves coordination costs. An LLP can greatly reduce these costs due to its experience in monitoring the flow of goods. Moreover, by making strategically sound decisions, processes can be merged and simplified. Huettemann thus relieves companies of the hassle of negotiating with multiple suppliers in the supply chain and instead ensures clear, smooth processes with manageable costs.

Lead Logistics from Huettemann: added value and cost optimisation

Third Party Logistics meets Fourth Party Logistics: At Huettemann we combine our own resources with our decades of experience and our global network. As an LLP, we centralise all logistics services to create an all-encompassing, optimal logistics solution. The concept of our Lead Logistics is based on efficient logistics services, many years of know-how and individual added value. Huettemann actively designs and coordinates all tasks along the entire supply chain:

  • Regular process analysis and recommendation for action
  • Reliable delivery tracking, load control and quality inspection
  • Practical support with border and customs clearance
  • Network optimisation through selection of location, transport type and routes
  • Comprehensive transport logistics – from transport of the goods to shipment tracking (track and trace)
  • Warehouse logistics with individual warehouse concepts and customised warehouse management
  • Financial support, including purchasing, reporting and invoicing
  • Provision of the necessary IT – from warehouse management to e-commerce

Cooperation at eye level for best performance as LLP

Whether it’s the first precise analysis or optimising your entire supply chain, our experts work eye-to-eye with you to fully understand your business strategy and find the optimal solution for your needs. Find out more about our Lead Logistics Services and get  in touch today.

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