Warehouse logistics: Sustainable and individual storage solutions

Storage, order picking and shipping for numerous industries

Efficient delivery is also our clear goal when storing your goods. With a variety of different storage technologies, we implement individual storage solutions for almost all industries. We find the right concepts for goods with special requirements – for example, with certified refrigerated warehouses for foodstuffs. We offer the entire range of services in the field of warehouse logistics: from storage and inventory management to order picking and packaging to shipping. Our many years of experience, combined with a wide range of certifications (ISO, DIN, …), make us a reliable provider of warehouse logistics.

Incoming goods: management and full control of your goods

As a broad-based service provider for warehouse logistics, we offer customised storage concepts for almost all goods. Smoothly linked to the transport, we ensure the safe receipt of goods. Our warehouse management begins one step in advance: Together we find out in which warehouse your goods are best stored. In addition to the storage location and type, we take many other factors into account. For the best storage solution for your goods, we therefore take your entire supply chain into account. Only then do we start with the implementation and the first step when your goods arrive at our warehouse: the incoming goods inspection.

Storage: Various warehouses for almost all goods

Whether FMCG consumer goods, industrial goods, electrical components, food or hazardous goods. We organise the right warehouse logistics according to your product requirements. To this end, we maintain more than 198,000 square metres of storage space with 24 warehouses of our own. Large storage capacities that we can expand for you at short notice if required. We even go so far as to build a completely new warehouse location for your exclusive use, taking your individual requirements into account. Of course, only if this is exactly the most efficient solution for you. Our portfolio already includes block and flow storage, high-bay and open-air storage as well as long and bulk storage. For the food sector, we maintain cold storage facilities with integrated humidity control. In addition, we offer importers particularly attractive options in terms of liquidity planning with our open bonded warehouses.

Logistik mit Höchstgeschwindigkeit

Order-oriented order picking: Simple to individual warehousing

Fast, efficient and absolutely reliable order picking is one of the core competences of our warehouse staff. Modern technology, such as pick-by-light systems, and innovative IT systems speed up the process. In 24-hour drive-through operation (also on Sundays and public holidays), the following applies in our warehouses: packing, repacking, palletising. So you can be sure that your goods are picked on time and ready for dispatch. And that’s not the only assurance we’re happy to give you: All our storage areas meet the highest security standards. They are video-monitored and equipped with a 24-hour alarm system. In addition to standardised product handling, we offer MHD, batch and serial number management. And in general, we are happy to go one step further for you: docked to our warehouse logistics are our Value Added Services. In this way, we optimise your supply chain down to the last detail if required – with unique value-added services directly in our warehouses.

Innovative IT solutions: Warehouse logistics 4.0 thanks to strong in-house IT

To ensure the highest possible efficiency, we control our warehouse logistics via IT-based warehouse management systems (WMS). The comprehensive interface connection to our in-house developed logistics platform DigitPort 4 keeps you up to date on your goods movements at all times. Your benefits from our IT-supported warehouse systems: We organise replenishment control and ensure a transparent data flow along the entire process chain. In addition, paperless order picking and digitalised processes save time on our side – and thus warehouse logistics costs on yours.

Shipping: Worldwide distribution as a freight forwarder and logistics company

Whether as road transport with our own fleet, via rail or as parcel delivery: we ensure that your goods are dispatched on time. So that your distribution runs smoothly and orders reach your end customers as quickly as possible. We can also take care of the preparation of relevant documents, monitoring and freight/customer billing for your shipment.

Advantages warehouse logistics at a glance

Individual storage solutions

Full range of services

Years of experience

Variety of certifications

Precisely fitting storage concepts

Modern technology

Transparent data flow

Dispatch on time

Warehouse logistics of Huettemann: Our solutions

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