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Services from logistics companies: Transport to supply chain management

Moving goods from one place to another: This is the basic idea behind logistics and ultimately the primary service provided by logistics companies. However, as a driving force in the global economy, logistics services include many more services. Lead logistics providers such as the Huettemann Group in particular adapt to the individual needs of customers and develop sustainable, efficiency-enhancing solutions along the supply chain. Huettemann’s wholly-owned subsidiary, M+F Spedition, has positioned itself primarily in toy logistics and is a pioneer when it comes to efficient, reliable and customised logistics solutions.

Die Lieferungen werden präzise mit den Empfängern terminiert und können per Track-and-Trace live verfolgt werden.

Tasks of a logistics company: What does a logistics service provider do?

Logistics companies are primarily responsible for the transport of goods and usually offer various options for this, such as road transport, rail transport, air freight, sea freight, inland waterway transport or a combination of these. In addition, logistics companies are responsible for a wide range of services that go far beyond the simple transport of goods. These include warehouse logistics, IT services and value-added services. The Huettemann Group covers all of these areas in order to offer customers a complete solution from a single source. Not least because the company now has several subsidiaries in various sectors of the logistics industry and can therefore offer customised logistics solutions quickly.

Brexit: Transporte von und nach England, Schottland, Wales und Nordirland

M+F Spedition: Specialists in toy logistics and UK transport

M+F Spedition stands out with its specialised services in toy logistics and UK transport. With Europe’s largest logistics hub for toys, the company demonstrates its ability to master complex logistics and adapt to the dynamic requirements of the toy industry. On the other hand, M+F Spedition has extensive expertise in customs clearance for UK transport and has even developed its own Brexit solution to make trade with the UK simple and efficient for customers.

4PL: Fourth Party Logistics Provider

Logistics and technology: an industry with a future

Digitalisation is advancing in all companies worldwide and logistics service providers are also contributing to this development. The implementation of advanced IT services and the use of technology in logistics are crucial for increasing efficiency and reducing costs. M + F Spedition, for example, relies on the latest technologies in warehouse logistics and offers numerous value-added services to optimise the entire logistics process. Employees are relieved by new technology and the volume of transports can be regularly increased. In addition, the Huettemann Group is constantly developing new digital solutions – for example in the e-commerce segment.

Sustainability: a new focus in the logistics industry

Another crucial aspect for logistics companies is sustainability. Environmental awareness and, above all, responsibility are becoming increasingly important. As the biggest enablers of globalisation, logistics companies have a duty to make logistics processes more environmentally friendly. This includes measures to reduce the CO2 footprint, the optimisation of transport routes to minimise energy consumption and the implementation of recycling programmes. The Huettemann Group is also aware of its responsibility and is ecologically, economically and socially orientated. The latter in particular is realised at the M + F Spedition site through an integrative cooperation with Lebenshilfe Nordhorn.


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Logistics: companies for transport, storage and distribution – with responsibility

The logistics industry is at the centre of the global economy and is crucial for maintaining supply chains between companies and consumers. By providing a wide range of services – from transport and warehousing to supply chain management – logistics companies such as the Huettemann Group and M+F Spedition enable a smooth flow of goods. With expertise in specialised areas such as toy logistics and UK transport, adaptability to technological developments and a commitment to sustainability, this makes us an established company in the industry.

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