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Building materials logistics and more – Transport of building materials

Perfectly timed production, optimised loading and transport plans and flexibility on the part of the logistics provider are fundamental to the delivery of building materials. Building materials logistics includes a wide range of materials, from basic building materials to specialised products, and plays a decisive role in cost efficiency, adherence to deadlines and quality assurance in construction projects.

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Transporting gravel and bulk goods: logistics for building materials transport

Gravel and bulk goods present unique challenges in the transport sector. The first step is choosing the right means of transport. While some bulk materials need to be transported in specialised silo trucks, others, such as coarse gravel, require robust tipper loaders or dump trucks. A key element here is observing the permissible total weight to ensure both road safety and protection of the infrastructure. During transport, care must be taken to ensure that the load does not slip or get lost, which requires special securing measures. The unloading itself can vary from a simple tipping unloading to specialised unloading techniques using a conveyor hose or grab arm, depending on the type of bulk material and the location. Finally, the applicable environmental and safety regulations must be strictly adhered to in all these processes in order to rule out risks to people and the environment.

Overview: Building materials in logistics

In the field of building materials logistics, various materials required for the construction and maintenance of buildings, roads and other structures are transported, stored and distributed. These include:

  1. Base building materials: These include sand, gravel, crushed stone and other aggregates that are used as a basis for concrete mixes or as a substructure for roads and paths.
  2. Binders: Binders include cement, lime and gypsum, which are used to bind or solidify other building materials.
  3. Concrete and prefabricated concrete parts: Concrete is a versatile building material that can be mixed on site or supplied as a prefabricated component. Precast components include elements such as concrete slabs, prefabricated ceilings, lintels and wall elements.
  4. Masonry: This includes bricks, sand-lime bricks, aerated concrete blocks and other masonry blocks as well as mortar for masonry construction.
  5. Wood: This includes construction timber, boards, beams, panel materials and other wood products for structures, panelling and furniture.
  6. Metals: Steel, aluminium and other metals in the form of reinforcing bars, beams, sheet metal, pipes and profiles for structural purposes and cladding are also important building materials.
  7. Insulation materials: Mineral wool, foams, wood fibre insulation boards and other materials for heat, sound and moisture insulation pass as building materials.
  8. Paints, varnishes and coatings: Products for surface protection and the design of buildings are generally transported using appropriate building material transports.


The logistics for these materials includes not only transport, but also storage, timely provision at the place of use and the return of packaging materials or construction waste for recycling or disposal.

Silo lorries: specialists in the fleet

Our subsidiaries have their own silo lorries to meet the special requirements of building materials logistics. The modern vehicles are equipped with the appropriate special hose connections and pressure relief valves. Our well-trained drivers undergo regular training to ensure that they are well prepared to transport building materials safely and professionally.

Special expertise in building materials logistics – expanded and optimised

With more than 50 years of experience, our companies have shaped the building materials logistics market. Our expertise in the transport of building materials, especially concrete, has secured us a firm place in the industry. And by offering proactive order planning and avoiding empty kilometres, our companies show that the customer always comes first.

Powerful, fast and on time

Our companies are impressive examples of how constant innovation and expansion can be pursued despite firmly anchored roots in building materials logistics. They retain their core expertise in the transport of concrete and other building materials, but are boldly breaking new ground in the haulage and waste disposal industry. A prime example of when tradition and innovation go hand in hand.

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