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Rabelink Logistics takes over Gesink Transport

Rabelink Logistics, located in Wehl, will take over Gesink Transport as of the new year.
With this deal all approximately 140 employees of Gesink will also be transferred, as well
as the more than 100 trucks and 115 trailers. The current owner Arno Gesink will remain in
office during the integration period of three years to ensure a smooth transition for employees
and customers.

From January 1, 2021, Gesink Transport from Zelhem will be part of Rabelink Logistics, the subsidiary of the German Huettemann Group. “We are pleased
that we were able to find an agreement that is satisfactory to all parties,” says Alwin
Schweckhorst, general manager of Rabelink. "The takeover is a win-win situation."

Guaranteed future of employees
Gesink Transport - a family business for four generations, specializing in transport within
the Benelux and to Germany - has recently undergone rapid business growth. Unlocking
the full potential of this growth would have required the largest investment in the company's
history. In addition to expanding the Zelhem site (doubling the transhipment capacity,
warehouse and office space), this would also have included urgent matters such as the
automation and digitization of work processes. “Given my age, I cannot take this big step”,
says Arno Gesink (62). “That would actually be the role of Stephan Keuter. He is part of
the management together with me and has been passionate about taking over the company
one day in recent years. ” But as a result of the corona crisis, it was not possible to arrange
financing in the short term.
“That is why I started looking for a solution that, above all, ensures the future of my employees.
After all, they have ensured that we are in such a good position”, Gesink emphasizes.
With Rabelink Logistics and the Huettemann Group, he indicates, the perfect partner
for a business transfer was found. “As a family business, we share the same values
and the interests of our employees and customers are central - that's the most important
thing. I am convinced that they are in good hands with Rabelink Logistics and as part of
the Huettemann Group. Moreover, Rabelink is a „Achterhoek“ company, just like us. So we
speak the same language. ”
Gesink Transport is also a good match for Rabelink. “In addition to the cultural aspects, we
see great synergy potential between both companies,” says Rabelink director Alwin
Schweckhorst. “Firstly, this acquisition will allow us to better serve existing relationships on
both sides. Secondly, the customer structure of Gesink Transport corresponds exactly with
our desired target group: mainly small to medium-sized companies, who are looking for a
partner who acts at their own level to solve their logistical challenges.” The acquisition also
offers the existing customers of Gesink Transport a possible added value: as a 3PL + logistics
service provider, Rabelink Logistics not only offers transport, but also extensive
supply chain management under one roof, from air and sea freight, transport and forwarding
to storage and value added services.

Strengthening the Dutch activities
For the Huettemann Group, the takeover means a reinforcement of their Dutch activities.
“The pressure on the logistics sector is increasing, so growth is essential to maintain a
good market position in the long term,” says Manfred Köhler, director of Huettemann Holding.
“Rabelink has developed excellently in recent decades, with this step we secure our
position as a leading medium-sized logistics service provider within our region and beyond.”
Rabelink currently occupies the 45th place in the renowned ranking of
with the 100 most important logistics service providers in the Netherlands (61 the previous

No impact for employees and customers
Despite the transition, as of 1 January, little will change for Gesink's employees and customers.
The workforce is taken over completely, including all rights and obligations, just like
the entire fleet. The location in Zelhem and the 'Gesink' brand itself will also be retained.
“We give ourselves three years for the integration,” says Köhler. “During that period, Arno
Gesink and Stephan Keuter will remain in office, so that we can get to know all employees
and customers, structures and processes in peace and quiet and ensure a smooth integration.
Our common goal is that employees and customers notice as little as possible from
the takeover in their daily work. In fact, only the company name on the letterhead will initially
The boards of Rabelink Logistics and Gesink Transport will be in contact with customers
and partners in the coming days to discuss further progress.

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