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We at the HUETTEMANN GROUP do everything to make our customers happy. This includes, for instance, ensuring that various goods travel from A to B. Here we deal with the warehouse and contract logistics and individual additional services. To form your own impression of our portfolio, take a look at our references ...

edding AG

The HUETTEMANN GROUP is responsible for the entire logistics for the stationary specialist edding, the complex outsourcing project covering the warehousing and distribution of all edding products via two warehouse locations in the Hanover region. All national and international retailers and chain stores are supplied from here.

Hape International AG

Each year, Hape Toys AG entrusts us with 1,200 articles of the Beleduc and Hape brands from the sectors wooden toys and preschool supplies. Here our tasks include goods handling, storage, picking, packing, value-added services and worldwide distribution.

Intersnack Vertriebs GmbH

For Intersnack, Rabelink and HUETTEMANN Logistik combine their skills to provide the customer with an all-round perfect service, with Rabelink handling the worldwide organisation of transporting raw materials from South America, the Far East and North America. The containers are delivered to Rotterdam and stored in Doetinchem, and then transported to Intersnack’s various production locations. In some cases Rabelink even cleans and packs the raw materials – a value-added service which is, of course, concluded with a quality check. HUETTEMANN Logistik delivers food oils to all European Intersnack locations using its special tanker lorries.

Käthe Kruse GmbH

Each year, we deal with 2,000 articles of the private brand Käthe Kruse. These include dolls, toddler toys and clothing. Our tasks? Handling goods, storage, picking, packing, value-added services and worldwide shipment.

Baden Board GmbH

We operate as a 3 PL service provider for Baden Board. As part of a holistic logistics strategy we perform all the tasks in the supply chain, from acceptance of the finished goods from production, to professional storage in the warehouse right through to delivery to the customers.