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Green electricity at all German locations

Another step towards sustainability - and no small one: all German branches of the HUETTEMANN GROUP now obtain their electricity from renewable energy sources. The supply contract of the central energy supplier was changed in April and takes effect retroactively from the beginning of the year.

When selecting certified and TÜV-approved green electricity, a number of criteria were taken into account in order to achieve a real added value for the environment: For example, green electricity is produced by clearly identifiable hydro, wind and photovoltaic plants in Europe, a third of which are less than six years old (new plants). This drives the expansion of renewable energies. There is a grid connection between the areas of electricity generation and consumption, so the electricity produced can actually be fed into the "power lake" we use. The operators have no nuclear or coal-fired power plants in operation, and all plants also meet the requirements of landscape, nature and environmental protection. Last but not least, the CO2 emissions of the so-called upstream chain are compensated for, for example, those that arise during the construction of the power plants - our green electricity is thus climate-neutral.

The changeover brings with it a considerable reduction in CO2: We save around 350 tons of the harmful greenhouse gas every year - based on the energy mix to date and the annual consumption of our German branches of more than one million kilowatt hours. By way of illustration, one ton of CO2 is roughly equivalent to the emissions of a car with an average consumption of 8.5 liters per 100 kilometers for 5,000 kilometers driven. Following this example, we save the equivalent of 1,750,000 kilometers driven each year.

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