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HUETTEMANN takes over all edding’s logistics

Since August of this year, the HUETTEMANN GROUP has been responsible for all of writing-instrument specialist edding’s logistics. The complex outsourcing project encompasses the warehousing and distribution of all edding products, and is now focused on two warehouse locations in the Hanover region.

HUETTEMANN already took over one of the two warehouses from edding in 2011. In the warehouse in Wunstorf, the logistics service provider has since then stored and picked several thousand edding articles on an area covering 2,600 square metres. The site has a small-parts picking system with conveyor technology. All national retailers and chain stores are supplied from here.

From Ahrensburg to Isernhagen

edding previously ran its own second warehouse at its headquarters in Ahrensburg near Hamburg. From here, edding shipped pallets to bulk buyers, replenished the logistics centre in Wunstorf, and managed articles for international distribution. To reduce distances and combine synergies, the Ahrensburg warehouse has now been replaced by HUETTEMANN’s Isernhagen site. It is only 30 kilometres from Wunstorf, and therefore goods can be quickly and flexibly exchanged between the two warehouses.

edding logistics employees at Ahrensburg have been offered jobs by HUETTEMANN as part of the operational transfer.

In addition to spatial proximity, the HUETTEMANN warehouse offers the advantage that the warehousing can be flexibly adapted to current needs. “In Isernhagen, we can scale the services freely on the 8,000 square metres of warehouse space available,” explains Andreas Lorenz, Managing Director at HUETTEMANN.

Clever logistics concept

Receipt of all goods is bundled at the Isernhagen site. From here, HUETTEMANN supplies national and international wholesalers, and organises the replenishment of the logistics centre in Wunstorf.

The warehouse in Wunstorf will continue to focus on the picking and packing of smaller orders. What is new is that it will now also process international consignments. The warehouse management system integrates both sites transparently and completely in one system, and goods are exchanged between the two logistics warehouses using a daily shuttle service.

Flexible teams

The employee concept is flexible: “Due to the proximity of the sites, our employees can easily switch from one warehouse to the other, depending on where they are needed,” says Andreas Lorenz. “In addition, the team is very well established.”

HUETTEMANN completed the move from Ahrensburg to Isernhagen as scheduled in late July. “It was not a small move – after all, it involved several thousand pallets, which we transported by truck from Ahrensburg to Isernhagen,” says Andreas Lorenz. “Thanks to the excellent cooperation between the HUETTEMANN and edding project teams, the move went smoothly and on time.” News overview
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